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Architectural 3D models have objects category. Architectural objects are placed with the aim of creating the most favorable conditions for visitors for recreation, entertainment, physical training, etc. Types of constructions are different – from monuments of architecture, palaces, buildings of multifunctional purposes, spectacular structures to arbors. There is the following classification of categories of architectural objects:

1. Large structures that can dominate in the adjoining area of the park, become its leading composite theme, organize or subjugate a large open space – singers, stadiums, co-operative parks, etc.

2. Budynki średniej wielkości i różne cele, bez których zazwyczaj nie ma kawiarni parkowych, restauracji, pawilonów wystawowych i innych pomieszczeń o lokalnej wartości kompozycyjnej, które wymagają koordynacji w takiej czy innej formie z otaczającym tłem.

3. Elements of architectural and artistic decoration, which enrich the external appearance and carry a certain ideological load, – sculpture, fountains, some small architectural forms, lighting installations.

4. Architectural objects that are usually located within the individual functional areas. These are volumetric and flat structures, equipment for sports and children’s sectors, amusement rides, beaches with a pronounced architectural specificity, which stems primarily from the function and, in compositional terms, is much smaller than the previous group of buildings, connected with the landscape.

5. Utilitarian structures scattered throughout the territory – street furniture, information stands, kiosks, paving of alleys and platforms, fences, economic and technical structures, etc. Although these objects play a secondary role in the landscape and are compositionally subordinated to natural components and architectural dominant, they in most cases have some decorative value and should stylistically obey the general nature of the garden park ensemble.

The most popular file formats of architectural objects 3D models: .max .fbx .ma .mb .texture .obj