Modele Sword 3D

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The sword 3D model on Flatpyramid.

The sword is a type of edged weapon with a straight blade, designed for a chopping blow or chopping and stabbing blows, in the broadest sense – the collective name of the entire long bladed weapon with a straight blade.

We współczesnych badaniach broni historycznej przyjęto węższą definicję miecza: broń ofensywna z obosiecznym prostym ostrzem dłuższym niż 60 centymetrów, przeznaczona głównie do cięcia ciosów. Broń prosta z pojedynczym ostrzem należy do pała.

Various swords with a curved blade are often mistaken for swords, in particular, Japanese weapons, including katana and wakizashi, referred to as two-handed saber by the State Standard (the Japanese themselves also clearly distinguish between weapons with a straight double-edged blade – “tsurugi” , 剣 – from a type of katana weapon, denoted by the hieroglyph в, which in different cases can be read in different ways), as well as a weapon with a straight blade with one-sided sharpening, which refers either to broadswords, or to combat knives, hacks, and so on in particular, falchion. Such types of weapons as epee and rapier are also sometimes referred to as swords, which is not quite true – in the current classification, they are distinguished into independent types of cold weapons along with the sword, although they are associated with it by their origin.