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3D Model Kolekcje samolotów 3d grafika komputerowa do pobrania w 3ds max, maya, obj, lwo i więcej.

Kolekcje samolotów mogą składać się z następujących maszyn do latania w atmosferze lub przestrzeni:

- Samolot (w tym hydroplan)
A także: szybowiec, lotnia, ekranoplan, UAV.

Aviation is a collective concept that refers to the entire set of aircraft heavier than air for movement in near-Earth airspace, all the achievements of specialized areas of knowledge (aerodynamics, flight mechanics, air navigation, etc.) and the entire system of organizations and government agencies that use aircraft heavier than air, and also – have airfields, specialists and appropriate means of flight support.

Kolekcje lotnicze według zasady lotu:

aerostatic – by Archimedean force equal to the force of gravity of the air mass displaced by the body;
aerodynamic – by reactive force due to the dropping down of the air flowing around the body as it moves, that is, determined by the force effect of air on the moving body.
inertial – by the force of inertia of the flying body due to the initial reserve of speed or altitude, therefore this flight is also called passive;
rocket-dynamic – reactive power due to dropping part of the mass of a flying body. In accordance with the law of conservation of momentum of a system, motion occurs when a certain part of its mass is separated at some speed from a body;