Prywatne modele 3D

Pokazuje 1-24 46 wyników

Modele prywatnych samolotów 3D, w tym prywatne odrzutowce i czartery.

Samoloty tej klasy mają kabinę pasażerską, w której z wysokiego poziomu komfortu, w zależności od rodzaju samolotu, można pomieścić od 6-8 do ludzi 15-20; podobne samoloty są wyposażone w środki elektroniczne, które umożliwiają pasażerom pracę podczas lotu

Corporate or private aircraft were created from the very beginning on the basis of ordinary passenger liners or transport aircraft having equipped the cabin, and sometimes doing the standard. Administrative aircraft began to stand out in a separate class around the end of the fifties. For example, in 1958, the two-motor Gulfstream was created, whose main purpose was the transportation of employees of large companies. Differences administrative planes from other passenger aircraft formed with the advent of jet models. For profitable commercial passenger and cargo transportation, airlines needed liners with the maximum possible passenger capacity, while cruising speed was important for private and business flights, and the number of passengers on such flights was relatively small. The first business jet is Lockheed JetStar, which made its first flight on September 4, 1957. He also remained a unique example of a four-engined administrative aircraft. Then in the early 1960s, the first models of business jets of almost all current manufacturers appeared: the HS-125 of the British Hawker-Siddeley made its first flight on August 13, 1963, the Falcon 20 prototype of the French Dassault flew on May 4, 1963, the Learjet-23 of the American designer William Lear – October 7, 1963. Soon followed by Gulfstream: the company Grumman, which produced it, based on its screw model, created the jet Gulfstream II (first flight on October 2, 1966). Today, Cessna-Citation series aircraft are very common among business jets. Model Citation X – the fastest business jet available on the market. The market for business jets is quite extensive – super-light models like HondaJet appeared on it.