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Modele butów dla mężczyzn 3D.

Men’s shoes – a product to protect the legs from external influences and carrying utilitarian and aesthetic functions. It is an element of clothing.

Historia obuwia zaczyna się w przybliżeniu od górnego paleolitu. Badanie najwcześniejszego okresu w historii obuwia jest szczególnie interesujące dla archeologów i antropologów.

The history of men’s shoes has more than one millennium. Historian Eric Trinkaus from Washington State University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, came to the conclusion that the shoes appeared 26-30 thousand years ago in the west of Eurasia. He analyzed the features of the skeleton of the people who lived there in the era of the Middle and Late Paleolithic, paying attention to the little toe of the foot, noticed that the little finger was becoming weaker, and then the shape of the foot began to change. This characteristic deformation is associated with the constant wearing of shoes.

In addition, for the manufacture of shoes and plant materials were used – tree bark, reed, papyrus, bast, straw, as well as thick coarse yarn, felt and even wood (the Japanese, for example, are still wearing geta – wooden sandals). Footwear production in primitive peoples was put in the literal sense of the word “in a big way”: in the USA, in the cave of Lamos (Nevada), archaeologists found a real warehouse of ancient shoes – 300 pairs of sandals woven from grass. Despite its more than respectable age – 9000 years – these sandals turned out to be so beautiful and comfortable that the locals immediately began to weave exactly the same for sale to tourists.